Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Bunch of Randoms......

Bear Lake Triathlon! This was my first triathlon and probably my last......(we'll see).....I don't know why the swimming part scared me so bad......oh yeah.....probably because I DON"T KNOW HOW TO SWIM...... Sarah and Michelle also participated in the triathlon!

I know.....We look pretty sweet......

Boston started Preschool!! He LOVES preschool and has so much fun!! I love it because he is learning so much and tells me all about it when he gets home.  Also, Phoenix and I get to have girl time while he's gone:)

On Bostons first day of preschool he brought home the "Super Strawberry" which means that you were so good in class that day that you get to bring home and take care of the super strawberry!  I was so excited for him when I saw him with the "Super Strawberry".  His teacher took me aside and said "another kid in class earned the super strawberry and Boston started crying and didn't understand why he didn't get it, so the little boy offered the strawberry to Boston"......I thought this was so nice of the boy in his class!!!  I was so worried how others would treat him at school but after learning about what happened I am reminded that there's some really nice kids that he can make friends with!!

This is what I mean by girl time..........LOL

 These two are such good buddies!!  They have a lot of fun playing together:)

Riley and Boston had a guys night and went to a baseball game:)

Campfire's up Big Cottonwood Canyon:)

Hanging out with Tasha and her cute little girl Koi.....

Riley's cousin Kazdan and his mother Beth came to Utah and went to dinner with us! It was really good to see you guys!!

Boston and Phoenix got new bikes:) They ride them EVER DAY!! Literally....

Phoenix had 6 cavities and she had to be put out for the procedure!! Poor girl, she woke up screaming!!

Boston went to a friends birthday party and had fun playing on the Bouncy House!!

My little brother Richard turned 21! We all went camping to celebrate!! 

I got BRACES!!! Yes!!! My brother-in-law Ben has a practice in Orem, Utah called "Frandsen Orthodontics".  I have been wanting braces for quite a while now and even though they look funny, I am way happy to have them!!



We Love Movie Nights!!  Boston and Phoenix get so excited.. We warm up some popcorn and we all cuddle together as we watch a movie.....It's so cute to see how happy they get!

Riley turned 30 years old!! I have thrown him surprise birthday parties pretty much each year we've been married and this year he took me aside and said "I Hate Surprise Birthday Parties, do not throw me one this year."  So what did I do??? I threw him a HUGE PARTY!!..................Just kidding.....It was just a nice night with ice cream and cake and one of his favorite home cooked meals:)
Love you hun.....Happy 30th:)

Utah State Fair! This was a fun night out with my friend Monique! We went on the "Big Yellow Slide", bought some sweet jewelry, and ate a delicious funnel cake:)

Shaw Family Weekend at Bear Lake! 

One year done in my Master's Program!! A few of my classmates went out to celebrate!

Boston started T-ball again!! He is getting the hang of it the second time around:) I think it helps for me not to coach this time so that I can focus on Boston. He hit the ball each round and even ran all the bases!!  (this is a BIG improvement from last year...LOL)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

First Meeting.....

We flew into Oregon and had to drive up into Washington to meet the family at a Ranch.   Throughout the entire drive, which was about 5 and 1/2 hours,  I kept video taping Riley! I was continuously asking him how he feels and how excited he was to meet his birth mom for the FIRST TIME!! I made him so nervous and he kept asking me not to video tape.  Although I listen to him,  I kept video taping every ten minutes.  When we were three minutes away from the Ranch I kept video taping and saying things like "oh my goodness we are so close to meeting your birth mom!, this is crazy!! aaaaahhhh!!" I pretty much made him as nervous as he had ever been his whole life!!  I built it up pretty high that he asked me not to video tape when they meet.  But of course, I video taped when they met!! And now, he is so glad that I did!! Here's a few pictures of that special time we had getting to know Riley's mom, sister, grandma, mom's husband Mark, and cousins!!

Here is Riley's sister Shaylee as she runs to meet Riley for the first time!  

Here is Riley and Shaylee's first hug! I couldn't help but to tear up! This moment was so special!
And of course, I definitely couldn't hold the tears back when I saw this:
Here is Riley and his mom's first hug!!

They definitely had a lot of catching up to do from morning...

 Till Night...

Don't they look alike? I think they have the same eyes!

Riley is SO HAPPY to have Shaylee as his little sister!!

The kids had a lot of fun getting to know Shaylee!

Here is Phoenix's first time riding a horse, and she held on all by herself!

Boston and Phoenix picked flowers for Nana Julee! They would find flowers in the mountains and call out "Nana Julee, we got flowers for you." It was so cute!

I think our kids are all vacationed out! They are so exhausted!

We stayed at Riley's grandma's house in Oregon which was a lot of fun! We had lots of good food and a swing set in the backyard for Boston and Phoenix to play on! Thanks for letting us stay with you grandma!! We love and miss you!

Here is Riley and his mom giving their good bye hugs after a wonderful reunion!!

The reunion was everything we could've imagined! We are excited to have more family in our lives! (the more the better) We love you Julee, Shaylee, and Mark!! Can't wait to see you soon in Hawaii!!